Rastak was founded in the summer of 1997 by Siamak Sepehri. For the past two decades the ensemble’s experimental  work has focused on the sonic features of Iranian folklore and diverse cultures; the fruition of which has been research and fieldwork, film and theatre music composition, four music albums and numerous domestic and overseas concert tours. Rastak’s released albums include: Rangvareha-ye-Kohan / Audio album, 2007 Hame-ye Aghvam-e Man (All My Homeland People) / Video album, 2010 Sorna-ye Norouz / Video album, 2013 Mian-e Khorshidha-ye Hamisheh (Among Eternal Suns) / Audio-Video album, 2016 Bahar / Audio-Video album, 2018 Rastak has appeared on several international music festivals and has held many concerts in Iran, England, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Spain,The Netherlands, Sweden, The USA, Canada, Australia, India, Japan, Malasya, Chile, Poland,Turkey, Georgia, Belgium, Oman, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, Iraq, United Arab Emirates etc.